Irancy ‘Les Cailles’ 2018, Domaine Pierre Hérouart



Red Burgundy from Irancy in Northern Burgundy but very different from the other ‘Pinot Noir’ Pierre Hérouart. This wine is 95% Pinot Noir but the other 5% is made up of some of the world’s rarest red grapes — the few acres of César planted in the natural amphitheatre of vineyards surrounding the small village 12 miles south west of Chablis. The César makes this wine a bit  tannic, gives it ageing potential, and lots of concentration and damson-like black fruit flavours. It comes from a ‘lieu-dit’ or subsection of the vineyard — this one is called ‘Les Cailles’ or ‘Quails’, and local people would enjoy munching up these tiny birds bones and all washed down with this wine.


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